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LeoLaporteSucks Tweet
175 days ago
With ABSOLUTELY NO REGARD for the whole #MeToo movement, @F5Labs SHAMEFULLY begins using a disgraced, notorious, womanizing predator to promote their garbage. Did they not think to do ANY due diligence first?
LeoLaporteSucks Tweet
193 days ago
Showing NO REGARD whatsoever for the whole #MeToo movement, @jasonhiner associates with crook and VILE, womanizing pervert, the Harvey Weinstein of tech, in return for some dirty cash. Are @CNET and @ViacomCBS okay with that?
LeoLaporteSucks Tweet
193 days ago
What on earth is @nicholasadeleon THINKING? Did he not do ANY due-diligence before agreeing to work with a vile, womanizing, faker?
LeoLaporteSucks Tweet
196 days ago
WHAT ON EARTH is @julie_hansen thinking? Does she not realize that @babbel/@BabbelUSA is supporting, endorsing and FUNDING a disgraced, notorious, sickening, salacious, womanizing predator? Absolutely appalling behavior.
LeoLaporteSucks Tweet
196 days ago
Does @ZipRecruiterCEO not REALIZE just how badly the @ZipRecruiter marketing department is being conned right now?

The TWiT.TV Scam Exposed...

Don't believe the lies - is NOT advertising to a "tech-savy, engaged audience."

Rather, is just a perverted sexual predator and a prostitute gold-digger desperate to fund their depraved hedonistic lifestyle.

Leo Laporte - an abusive, racist, perverted, womanizing sexual predator and con-man.
Lisa Kentzell - a scheming, wicked, lousy, second-rate book-keeper and shameless nymphomaniac.

Approach these scammers to advertise on and THIS is the sort of content that you risk YOUR brand being associated with:

Do you really want to have YOUR product peddled by a PERVERTED WOMANIZER?

Do the right thing and be sure to boycott!

How an abusive womanizing sex pervert alienates his sponsor's customers: #twitlive
March 01, 2014
ScooterX: MisterM: nope, its all ads all day
MisterM: I rememer the good old days when Leo would limit ads.
ScooterX: MisterM: and how has today changed?
MisterM: There are more ads per segments. There are even ads during the radio breaks. Does not help that is the same product over and over again for the past couples of years
ScooterX has kicked MisterM from #twitlive (I remember the day when there was less trolling)