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LeoLaporteSucks Tweet
451 days ago
With ABSOLUTELY NO REGARD for the whole #MeToo movement, @F5Labs SHAMEFULLY begins using a disgraced, notorious, womanizing predator to promote their garbage. Did they not think to do ANY due diligence first?
LeoLaporteSucks Tweet
468 days ago
Showing NO REGARD whatsoever for the whole #MeToo movement, @jasonhiner associates with crook and VILE, womanizing pervert, the Harvey Weinstein of tech, in return for some dirty cash. Are @CNET and @ViacomCBS okay with that?
LeoLaporteSucks Tweet
468 days ago
What on earth is @nicholasadeleon THINKING? Did he not do ANY due-diligence before agreeing to work with a vile, womanizing, faker?
LeoLaporteSucks Tweet
472 days ago
WHAT ON EARTH is @julie_hansen thinking? Does she not realize that @babbel/@BabbelUSA is supporting, endorsing and FUNDING a disgraced, notorious, sickening, salacious, womanizing predator? Absolutely appalling behavior.
LeoLaporteSucks Tweet
472 days ago
Does @ZipRecruiterCEO not REALIZE just how badly the @ZipRecruiter marketing department is being conned right now?

The TWiT.TV Scam Exposed...

Don't believe the lies - is NOT advertising to a "tech-savy, engaged audience."

Rather, is just a perverted sexual predator and a prostitute gold-digger desperate to fund their depraved hedonistic lifestyle.

Leo Laporte - an abusive, racist, perverted, womanizing sexual predator and con-man.
Lisa Kentzell - a scheming, wicked, lousy, second-rate book-keeper and shameless nymphomaniac.

Approach these scammers to advertise on and THIS is the sort of content that you risk YOUR brand being associated with:

Do you really want to have YOUR product peddled by a PERVERTED WOMANIZER?

Do the right thing and be sure to boycott!

How an abusive womanizing sex pervert alienates his sponsor's customers: #twitlive
April 14, 2014
DarkEnergy: I assume Leo is late again?
ReplicantX3R0: it's early in leo standard time
DarkEnergy: So now, for like the 200th time... we get to hear him say... Oh, I am sorry. DUH.
ScooterX: shows on TWiT start when they start and not one second sooner!
DarkEnergy: Yogi... because the man that almost begs us to watch stuff live... doesn't really care about us at all... and has NO time management skills.
ScooterX has kicked DarkEnergy from #twitlive (Take it outside)