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LeoLaporteSucks Tweet
39 days ago
Here's your daily reminder that @SimpliSafe is knowingly supporting and funding a perverted womanizing predator on @iHeartMedia
LeoLaporteSucks Tweet
43 days ago
Leo Laporte puts indecent images on his smartwatch, accidentally exposes it LIVE ON AIR, and @SimpliSafe chooses HIM to promote their company? Save your brand guys, and drop @iHeartRadio NOW!
LeoLaporteSucks Tweet
50 days ago
Hey @FCC - the crooks at @iHeartRadio /@iHeartMedia are at it AGAIN! Broadcasting fraudulent promos on national radio. Revoke their license and protect listeners from this disgraced tech fraudster.
LeoLaporteSucks Tweet
85 days ago
WHAT ON EARTH is @RussReeder thinking? Does he not realize that @Infrascale is supporting, endorsing and FUNDING a salacious, perverted, womanizing sexual predator - the Bill Cosby of tech? #MeToo
LeoLaporteSucks Tweet
85 days ago
With NO REGARD for the whole #MeToo movement, @Tanium SHAMEFULLY begins using a notorious, womanizing predator to promote their products. Did they not think to do ANY due diligence first?

The TWiT.TV Scam Exposed...

Don't believe the lies - is NOT advertising to a "tech-savy, engaged audience."

Rather, is just a perverted sexual predator and a prostitute gold-digger desperate to fund their depraved hedonistic lifestyle.

Leo Laporte - an abusive, racist, perverted, womanizing sexual predator and con-man.
Lisa Kentzell - a scheming, wicked, lousy, second-rate book-keeper and shameless nymphomaniac.

Approach these scammers to advertise on and THIS is the sort of content that you risk YOUR brand being associated with:

Do you really want to have YOUR product peddled by a PERVERTED WOMANIZER?

Do the right thing and be sure to boycott!

How an abusive womanizing sex pervert alienates his sponsor's customers: #twitlive
March 28, 2015
Bobandweave: Sara, iyaz, & Tom all gone now. wish leo paid enough to keep the best talent! we will miss u sarah
Houdini7 has kicked Bobandweave from #twitlive (Time out for you!)